Calendar Screens

Calendar Screens allow your users to view Records in a calendar view which is useful for any Tables with date based Records such as meetings and appointments.

Creating Calendar Screens

Calendar Screens are created using the Screen Builder. Select the Screen Builder tab in the top right hand corner of your Project.

Screen Builder Tab

In the left hand navigation bar, click Add New. Select Calendar and give the Screen a name then click Add.

Add Calendar

The Calendar settings will then show in the left hand menu bar.

Firstly you will need to select the Table that the calendar is for.

You can then choose whether you would like the calendar to be shown as a grid or in a column format. The grid option shows a month of data at one time. The column option shows columns as days, weeks or months. The column calendar has two additional options to set: The column time period and an optional row setting.


Choose your start date and end fields carefully. Gridfox will inform your users if there are records that can’t be shown on the calendar due to their start date being after the end date.

Both calendar options need the Fields for the calendar Records to be defined. You can select a Title for the calendar card and a secondary field to display.

Note that icon and image fields cannot be selected as the Title or Secondary field for a calendar.

At this point you can save your new Calendar Screen by clicking the Save button at the top of the left hand menu.

View your Calendar Screen in action by clicking Back to Project.


Once you have created a Calendar Screen for a Table, you may wish to hide the standard Search screen. Simply click the eye icon in the left hand navigation menu to toggle the Screen visibility.

Additional Calendar Settings

Specifying a Total Field

It may be useful to see the total value of records in a calendar column. For example, if you have a calendar containing orders you may wish to see the total value of orders in a month.

Select a number or money field in the Total Field dropdown to show the calendar totals.

If you have also divided your calendar into rows, a total will be shown for each column and row combination.

Specifying Colour Settings

The calendar events can be colour coded to help your users understand the data at a glance. Select a list, user or group Field to control the colour which is applied to each event.

Specifying Calendar Filters

For a calendar, you can enable your users to filter the cards on certain Fields. This is similar to the filters that are available on Search Record Screens.

Select the Fields you would like your users to be able to filter a Board on in the Select Filter Fields dropdown.

Updating Calendar Screens

Calendar Screens can be amended at any time using the Screen Builder. Simply select the Screen to amend and make any changes that are needed. Click the Save button once you are happy with the changes. These will take effect immediately for your users.

Deleting Calendar Screens

To delete a Calendar Screen, open up the Screen Builder.

Select the Calendar Screen from the left hand navigation menu. Click the Delete icon at the top of the left hand configuration menu.

Confirm the action by clicking Delete on the resulting modal.