Updating Fields

Once you have created and saved a new Field on your Table, there are some restrictions on the changes that you can make to that Field.

You can rename an existing Field at any time. This will not affect the data in the Field.

You cannot change the Field Type of an existing Field on a Table. If you need to do this, delete your existing Field and create a new one.


If there is data in a field that you are deleting, use the export and import data process to move the data from the existing field to a new one before you delete the existing field. For more information, see exporting and importing data.

Renaming a Field

You can choose to edit the Field using either the Explorer or the Screen Editor.

Renaming a Field using the Screen Editor

Navigate to the screen which shows the Field that you wish to rename and click Edit This Screen.

Click into the Field Name and make any changes that are required. Click Save to confirm the update.

Rename Field Editor


You can rename the Field on the Create, Edit or Results Screen for a Table. The rename will apply to all Screen Types.

Renaming a Field using the Table Explorer

Firstly, select the Explorer tab.


Click into the Field Name of the Field that you would like to rename. Make any changes that are required and click Save.

Rename Field Table Builder

Alternatively, you can use the left hand side panel to rename the Field.

Rename Field Table Builder Field Config