An Introduction to Projects

Gridfox Projects are your own custom applications, giving you the freedom to create your own solutions. You can create as many Projects as you need to manage all aspects of your business.

You can create a Project from scratch, or use one of our templates. Each Project can be configured and customized as you require, allowing you to adapt and scale your applications over time.


You can access your Projects at any time from the homepage, which you can navigate to by clicking on the Gridfox icon or by clicking the Back to Projects link in the top left hand corner.

Getting Started with Projects

You can create a Project in any Account which you are the Account Owner of, or are an Account Admin for. For more information on these roles, see the Account Management help.

Once a Project has been created, there are four components to set up and configure:

  1. Tables & Fields: The data that is stored in the application

    Explorer showing three tables with a variety of fields

  2. Views: How the data is presented to users

    A selection of screens in Gridfox

  3. Workflows: Automated actions on Records in the application

    A workflow with a trigger, filter and action step

  4. Users & Permissions: Who can access the Project and the level of access they have

    The users page with some invited users in various groups

Follow through each of the sections to build your own custom application in minutes, matching your exact needs and allowing you to manage your work, your way.

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