Updating Projects

As your business grows and changes over time, your Gridfox Projects can grow and change with you. You can amend the setup of your Project at any time.

To change your Tables, Fields, Views, Workflows or User permissions, see the help sections for these features.

For the Project itself, it can be renamed and have a new logo applied.

Renaming a Project

To rename a Gridfox Project, navigate to the homepage by clicking the Gridfox icon in the top left of the screen or by using the Back to Projects link.

Open the Project menu and click Rename Project.

Amend the name then click out of the text box to confirm the change. This will update the name of the Project immediately for all Users in your Project.

Renaming a Project

To change the logo that has been set for a Project, hover over the logo and click Upload Logo.

Select the new logo you wish to use, adjust the sizing as required and click Save. The new logo will then be shown to all Users in the Project.

Amending a Project Logo

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