Empowering you to design your own solution

Marketers, accountants, agencies and even IT professionals are using Gridfox to turn their ideas into reality by building apps to manage their work, their way.

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Create the perfect view

Create different screen types to display information how you want to see it. Choose from Grids, Boards, Gantt Charts and Calendars and configure to meet your needs. For example, manage project tasks on a Board; or manage milestones on a Gantt Chart; or Event Schedules on a Calendar.

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Create the fields you need

Configure your project to choose what information you want to see, with our intuitive drag and drop editor, in one simple step. Add fields such as lists, check boxes, rich text, image uploads and even formulas whilst Gridfox builds your data model behind the scenes.

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Visualise your project data

Create Dashboards to provide a high-level overview of your projects, visualising data in formats from pie charts, to funnel charts, or bar charts, such as number of active leads or current deal opportunity value.

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Import and export your data

Get up and running quickly by moving data from an existing system or spreadsheet using the import feature. Export your data whenever you need, whether to share a report of information or to make batch edits for reimporting.

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Gain real-time notifications with automations

Automate manual processes by using Workflows to create real-time notifications on events that matter to you - from a team member making a change to the status of a sales opportunity, to a project task being assigned to you.

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Capture feedback and enquiries

Gather information quickly and efficiently from colleagues or customers using Gridfox Forms. Embed the Forms on your website, or share a link with your team. Streamline your working processes with form submissions creating records in your Gridfox projects for you to view and manage.

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Control data access through permissions

Control access to data across your projects using granular user and group based permissions. Easily configure permissions at a Table, Record or Field level; enabling users to only see what they need to see.

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Create and link data tables

Build your own data model, linking together Tables to create relationships through our intuitive Explorer. Gain visibility and oversight of how your data is linked and how it is stored. Build out a comprehensive data model, with a variety of relationships available.

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Gain full traceability of changes

Gain audit trails of every change made within your project, including who, what and when. Providing full traceability of your data previously unattainable in your spreadsheets.

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Integrate with your existing systems

Whether you’re using Gridfox to manage end-to-end business processes, or to simply to plug the gaps between existing software products, seamlessly integrate all of your other apps to operate as one single framework.