Why we created Gridfox

We created Gridfox to
enable everyone to build software

The ideal alternative to tracking your information in spreadsheets.
Gridfox enables anyone to build and share web & mobile apps.
Gridfox Screens

About Gridfox

Gridfox was founded on the belief that there was a better way to work - a way that fostered innovation and provided immediate and enduring value.

We built a platform that enables you to design and build apps that are tailored to your individual way of working, without the time and resource required for a conventional bespoke software project.

Designed to fill the gap between ill-fitting, complex software products and risk-laden spreadsheets, Gridfox removes the barriers of existing ways of working, solving day-to-day problems that gives you the time and freedom to focus on bigger things.

From marketing professionals, to sales teams, HR managers and agencies of all kinds Gridfox is empowering people across all industries to innovate by developing the software that they need.