How to use Gridfox

When you sign up to Gridfox, you will be given an Account. Within your Account you can create your Projects, configure them as you need, and then invite Users to those Projects.

Getting Started with Gridfox

There are a few steps to get you up and running with your custom applications in Gridfox

  1. Projects

    Firstly, create your Projects. You can start from scratch or use our Templates to get going.

  2. Tables

    Create your Tables within the Projects. Tables are how you define the data that you would like to store. Fields are then added to Tables to define the pieces of information you would like to store about your Table Records.

    You can think of Tables like worksheets on a spreadsheet and Fields are the columns in the spreadsheet worksheet.

    The users of your application can then add and edit Records in the Tables, where Records are similar to rows in the spreadsheet worksheet.


    Customize and setup new Views for the Tables. You can create Boards, Calendars, Gantt Charts and Dashboards on top of the Tables.

  4. Workflows

    Setup any workflows to automate your business processes.

  5. Permissions

    Configure the permissions that your users will have once they are invited to your Project.

  6. User

    Lastly, invite your users to your Project for them to start creating Records and working together.

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