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What people are saying
Teams love using Gridfox to speed up managing their work.

We wanted a tool that could provide the visibility of a big picture marketing plan, integrated into the granular detail of tasks, resources, marketing events and schedules, all in one place. There are quite a few tools out there that do elements of this, like Trello and Asana, but Gridfox enables us to build a tool that fits our exact needs and integrates everything in one place

Tamsin Fielden

The Marketing Centre

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Gridfox enabled us to build a custom tool to replace multiple spreadsheets, Trello and Team Gantt for project management, and, in less than a month, cut in half (50%) time spent managing day-to-day finance and strategic reporting

Jaron Ghani


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It's absolutely brilliant. It takes me back to Microsoft Access in the early days with how easy it is to create tables and link datasets. It's so easy to use and navigate and gives you complete control

Stuart Mapp

The Energy Network

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With Gridfox we were able to build a system that works exactly how we work, with the ability to tweak and adjust as we need – it’s fantastic as it changes to suit us and not the other way round

Gavin Watson

Pentest People

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Giving you the freedom to create
Remove the boundaries of existing functions and discover a new way to work.
Replace your spreadsheets

Replace risk laden spreadsheets, whether to manage end-to-end processes, or to simply plug the gaps left between enterprise software products, with an easy-to-use, robust and secure solution.

Create your custom app in minutes

Build and run your custom app in minutes, with no coding required. Either start with a Template designed to adapt to your way of working, or build from scratch using our simple and intuitive drag and drop editor.

Gridfox Table Builder
Adapt and scale your app over time

Start simple and increase your apps capabilities as and when required – whether your team grows, or your requirements simply change, adapt, build and scale what you need, when you need it.

Gridfox Boards
Create apps to match your needs

Remove the clutter that comes with existing software products and create an app exactly to the needs of you and your team – nothing more, nothing less, only the functionality you need to manage your work, your way.

Gridfox Groups
Share and collaborate across teams

Share your apps to collaborate across your teams, departments and customers, acting as a single source of truth, with the ability to control exactly what users can access and edit with secure and granular permissions.

Gridfox Audit
Manage information securely

Store your information securely in the Cloud, with full audit trails to provide traceability of every change made within a project, including who, what and when.

Gridfox Devices
Access anytime, anywhere

Access your information and collaborate across teams securely from your desktop, tablet or mobile device, enabling you to manage your work, your way, from anywhere.

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