Security at Gridfox

We are committed to providing a highly secure and reliable environment you can trust, leveraging industry standard and best practice tools and techniques to ensure you can securely build, run and scale your own custom projects.


All projects built in Gridfox are hosted in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud, providing a robust, performant and scalable runtime environment.

Through Azure, we ensure your data is protected against unplanned events, such as hardware failures, network or power outages or natural disasters, with backups offering data recovery. As well as leveraging TLS encryption in Azure to protect data in transit.

Gridfox leverages Azure’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) to further protect from potential vulnerabilities or attacks.

Gridfox is built using secure design principles, segregating data by each project being contained within its own database.

Access & Permissions

Within Gridfox, group permissions can be configured for any table within your project.

Simply add users who you wish to share your project with, and easily control who can view, create, edit and delete. With audit trails enabling you to see who changed what, when and where.


We are committed to delivering a fully secure service, with all of our employees operating to ISO:27001 standards.

Employees undergo routine security training covering areas from data privacy, to password and network security and secure development, with both internal and external security audits, ensuring the delivery of both a secure service and platform.


In developing the product, the software development process consists of rigorous testing and code reviews, on both newly developed code and configurations, to ensure a secure and performant service.

Routine security scans, checks and reviews are also executed to ensure the prevention of vulnerabilities.


Gridfox is committed to data privacy and protection. We’re fully GDPR compliant, ensuring your right to protect and control your personal data.

Your data is, and always will be, yours. We don’t retain or sell on any customer data to 3rd parties or service providers and you always have the ability to export your data, at any time.

Report an Issue

If you believe you have discovered a security issue, please email: