List (Multi-Select) Fields

The List (Multi-Select) Field Type can be used for assigning one or many predefined values to a Record.

For example, if you use Gridfox as a task management tool, you could add a Multi-Select List Field to tag Tasks with categories.

Multiple tags could then be assigned to a Task.

Multi Select List Example

List (Multi-Select) Fields can be specified as a Required Field for a Table but they cannot be set as a Unique Field or a Reference Field.


If a Record should only have one assigned value, rather than multiple, use a List Field instead of a List (Multi-Select) Field.

Configuring List (Multi-Select) Field Items

Once a List (Multi-Select) Field has been added to a Table, the items that are shown in the dropdown for this Field can be configured.

Open the Field Settings by clicking on the Field in the Grid View Editor or the Explorer.

Add a new option to the Field by clicking Add List Item and entering a name for the item.

Adding Multi Select List Item

You can rename existing List Items by changing the text for an existing option.

Renaming Multi Select List Item


All new List (Multi-Select) Fields that are added will have three default List Items added also.

To delete an existing List Item, click the delete button next to the List Item.

Remove Multi Select List Item

Any Records which had the deleted List Item selected will be updated and the deleted List Item removed.

Specifying Default List Items

When configuring List Items for a List (Multi-Select) Field, you can optionally choose some of the values to be set as default values.

When a new Record is created, the List (Multi-Select) Field will be prepopulated with the chosen default values. The User creating the Record can amend which values are selected as required.

To specify a List Item as a default value, check the checkbox in the List Item configuration.

Set Multi Select list Item as Default

Colour Coding List Items

To help give your Users an at-a-glance view of data, you can colour code the List Items.

The colour coding can then be shown on your Views, including CalendarBoardsGantt Charts and Dashboard Charts.

To add a colour to a List Item, click the grey square in the colour column when configuring the List Items then choose a colour.

Colour Coding Multi Select List

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