An Introduction to Users

Once you have configured your Gridfox Project, you can start inviting people to use your custom app by inviting them as Users to the Project.

Users are the people that will interact with your Project, either as end users who are creating records and viewing the data, or as Admins to help you with changes to the Project setup and configuration.

There are four types of User that can interact with an Account and a Project. Each have different roles and responsibilities.

  1. Account Owner

    This is the person who initially created the Account.

    They can upgrade the Account to a paid subscription, add more User Seats, and manage payment information.

    There is only one Account Owner for an Account.

  2. Account Admin

    Account Admins can help the Account Owner with the day-to-day management of the Account.

    They can create new Projects in the Account and will have Project Admin access to every Project in the Account.

    Only the Account Owner can add new Account Admins to the Account.

  3. Project Admin

    When a User is made a Project Admin within a specific Project, they can edit the Project configuration.

    They will be able to amend Tables, Screens, Workflows and Permissions. They can also invite new Users to the Project, provided there are sufficient User Seats available within the Account.

  4. Project User

    An end User of a Project will interact with the Records and Screens that the Admin Users have created.

    They can create new Records, edit existing Records, and view any Screens that have been setup.

    The exact permissions a User has within a Project will be controlled by the Group they have been assigned to.

    They cannot make changes to the Project configuration.

Once a User has been invited to a Project or an Account, their permission level can be changed at a later date.

Each of the different type of Users can be added to the Account and removed from the Account, except for the Account Owner.

Every User within an Account will require a User Seat. If a User has access to more than one Project within an Account, they only require 1 User Seat.

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