Creating Groups

Groups are used to define the level of access that Users should have to your Project. Once you have created a Group, you can configure the Group permissions and then invite Users to the Project, placing them in the appropriate Group.

Creating a Group

  1. Click the Users tab in the top right hand corner of a Project
  2. Click Add Group
  3. Give the Group a name
  4. Choose whether you would like the Group to have only Read-Only access and change the toggle as needed

    In a Read-Only Group, Users will only be able to see Records and will not be able to make changes to any Record information

  5. Click the next arrow

Your Group has now been created. The permissions for the Group can now be configured.


Until you configure permissions for the newly added Group, if any Users are added to the Group then they will not have permissions to see any of the Tables in the Project.

Creating a Group

Colour Coding Groups

Groups can be assigned a colour, which will help Users quickly identify Records which are assigned to a User within a certain Group.

For example, if a Table has a User Field added, when colours are assigned to the Groups then this colour coding will show when anyone is viewing those Records.

  1. Click the Users tab in the top right hand corner
  2. Click the square to the left of a Group’s name
  3. Choose a colour for the group from one of the pre-set colours, or add a custom colour

Once a colour has been set for a Group, it will be applied to Records across the Project.

Setting Group Colour

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