Field Types

    When creating a new Field for a Table, Gridfox allows you to specify a Type from one of the options in the grid below.

    This grid also shows which fields can be set as a Reference Field, as a Required Field, or that they must contain unique values. For more information about these options see the Field Settings documentation.

    Type Description Field Settings Reference Required Unique
    Text Store text based information such as name and telephone numbers None Yes Yes Yes
    Text Area Store larger text based information such as address None Yes Yes Yes
    Rich Text Store rich text information such as ongoing notes and comments None Yes Yes Yes
    Number Store numbers than you can perform functions on such as +, -, SUM None Yes Yes Yes
    Money Store financial values in GBP, EUR or USD None Yes Yes Yes
    Percentage Stores percentage values None Yes Yes Yes
    Date Store dates Optionally select to default to today’s date Yes Yes Yes
    Date Time Stores dates & times None Yes Yes Yes
    Checkbox Stores a true or false value None No Yes No
    List Choose between a custom list of values in a dropdown Specify your custom list & optionally select a default list value for new records No Yes No
    Auto Counter An auto-incrementing counter (1, 2, 3…) used to give unique IDs None Yes No Yes
    File Stores files that a user uploads Number of files that can be uploaded No Yes No
    Image Stores images (jpeg, png, svg, webp, gif, bmp) None No Yes No
    Icon Stores images to be displayed on records, such as company logos (jpeg, png, svg, webp, gif, bmp) None No Yes No
    Formula Create dynamic fields based on the values of others Specify the field formula No No No
    URL Store links to webpages None Yes Yes Yes
    User Reference to an existing Gridfox User Optionally select to default to current user No Yes No