An Introduction to Tables

Once you have created a Project, you can then create Tables within the Project.

Tables are how you define the data that you would like to store. If, for example, you were creating your own custom CRM in Gridfox you may have a Table for Companies and another Table for Contacts.

Fields are then added to Tables to describe what you would like to store about the items in the Table. For example, in your Table for Companies you may add Fields for Company Name, Sector and Size.

You can think of Tables like worksheets on a spreadsheet and Fields are the columns in the spreadsheet worksheet.

The Users of your Project can then add and edit Records in the Tables, where Records are similar to rows in the spreadsheet worksheet.

Setting Up Tables

To set up the Tables for your Project you will need to:

  1. Create the Tables
  2. Add Fields to the Tables
  3. Design Screens for each Table

You can then continue with the remainder of your Project setup: creating any Workflows, configuring Permissions and then inviting Users.