Enabling Multifactor Authentication

    To add some extra security to your Gridfox Account, you can enable Multifactor Authentication on your user login. Instructions for this can be found in the ‘Using a Project’ help documentation.

    You can also mandate that any users accessing Projects within your Account use Multifactor Authentication.

    Enabling Multifactor Authentication on your Account

    By enabling Multifactor Authentication on your Account, when any user tries to access Projects within your Account, they must use Multifactor Authentication.

    To set this up, open up the Account Management Section by clicking the Account Menu in the top right hand corner and select Settings.

    Account Menu Settings

    Select your Account from the left hand menu.

    Select Account Settings

    Check the Require Multifactor Authentication checkbox.

    Account MFA Setting

    Click Save to confirm your changes.

    All users who access your Projects will now be required to setup Multifactor Authentication and will be prompted to authenticate when accessing your Projects.

    You can disable this setting at any time by unchecking the Require Multifactor Authentication checkbox and then clicking Save.