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11 Aug 2022

Assign duties to multiple Users with new Multi-Select Field types.

When it comes to task management, sharing is caring. With new Multi-Select User Field types, you can easily share the workload by assigning multiple Users to a Record. Just add in the View editor as you would any other Field!

Multi-Select Users

11 Aug 2022

Get spacious with these new Grid View adjustments. Simply select from a small, medium or large height in the bottom nav to get that perfect view of your data.

3 really is the magic number. โœจ

10 Aug 2022

Multi-Select Usersย 

๐ŸŽ New Field Type of User (Multi-Select) is availableย 

๐ŸŽ Assign multiple Users to a Record using this new Field Type

๐Ÿ‘“ Add in View Editorย 

Row Heightย 

๐Ÿ“ Amend the size of Rows in your Tables to tailor layout to your preferred view

3๏ธโƒฃ Choose from 3 height sizes: Small, Medium and Largeย 

๐Ÿ“‘ Edit in bottom navย 

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Enhanced sort function for formula values

โœ… Improved Grid View for Read-Only Users

โœ… Record names are displayed correctly in mobile view

โœ… Multi-Select List and bulk Inline Edit now work together

05 Aug 2022

These are the neat, all-in-one package that gives your teams everything they need to get started.

Whether youโ€™re a marketing team looking to juggle campaign progress and task management, a HR department wanting to monitor new starters and document employee absences, or anything in between, Gridfox has you covered!

Template Packs

05 Aug 2022

Become an analytics wizard with new dashboard configuration. Quickly create new and existing charts for a dashboard with Gridfoxโ€™s guided setup process and ensure that you can visualise your data easily. Simply add and build as required in the view editor.

Gandalf would be jealous. ๐Ÿ‘€

New Dashboard

03 Aug 2022

Data entry should be quick and effortless. No hurdles or excessive view toggling. Our new and improved inline edit gives you that seamless experience by allowing you to edit records from the Grid View rather than having to click into each one.

Less time clicking, more time winning. ๐Ÿฅ‡

Inline Edit New

11 Jul 2022

Dashboard Configuration Changes

๐Ÿ–Š Create and customise your Dashboards with ease using the new configuration layout

๐Ÿ“ˆ Charts now have a simpler configuration window to get you up and running faster

Charts Improvements

๐Ÿ“ Amend the size of Charts on your Dashboards to tailor and customise the layout

๐Ÿ•ถ See the values on your Pie Chart with ease with our new formatting for the โ€˜Always Showโ€™ values setting

Inline Edit Changes

Thanks for all your fantastic feedback on the new Inline Edit feature. We have made some changes to incorporate your ideas.

๐ŸŽ› You can now enable Inline Edit mode even when there are no Records in your Grid

๐Ÿ’พ You will be asked to save your changes if you disable Inline Edit mode with unsaved edits

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Gantt Charts now scroll vertically to the todayโ€™s event

โœ… Dropdowns are now use case insensitive searching

โœ… Multi-select list fields show correctly on the card view

16 Jun 2022

Read-Only User Allocation

๐ŸŽ All Accounts now receive an allocation of free Read-Only Users

โš™ Configure Groups to be Read-Only access then users in this Group will be in your free user allocation

Multi-Select List Fields

โ˜‘ New Field Type of List (Multi-Select) is available

๐Ÿ”— Assign multiple values to a Record using this new Field Type

Account Management Redesign

๐ŸŽจ New look and layout for the account management section

โŒš Save time when managing users, upgrades and billing information

Improved Gantt View Configuration Wizard

๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ New wizard style configuration for Gantt Views

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Board card ordering was not working under certain conditions

โœ… You will now be returned to the first page of results after filtering a Grid View

โœ… You can now add Account Admins even if you have no Projects

31 May 2022

Save time with Gridfox Inline Edit.

With inline editing, users can now edit and write content directly from Grid View without having to enter a full Project Record.

No matter whether you need to make quick edits or add new data altogether, inline editing allows you to do so without ever having to leave your Grid View.

Inline Edit Example

31 May 2022

Inline Edit

โŒš Speed up editing of Records with the new Inline Edit feature

๐Ÿคนโ€โ™€๏ธ Edit multiple Records at once

Read-Only Groups

๐Ÿ“‹ Groups can be marked as Read-Only

โœ Read-Only group members cannot edit any Records

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Get quick access to Zapier integrations from the Automate page

โœ… Documents are disabled on newly created Tables

โœ… You can now clear the uploaded file from Image and Icon Fields

โœ… A formatting problem with the filter button on mobile devices has been addressed

20 May 2022

Incorporate Gridfox into your ways of working easily by using Zapier to link Gridfox with thousands of other applications.

Set up and configure Zaps to allow Gridfox to integrate with your existing processes and tools.

Zapier Trigger

17 May 2022

Default Form Field Values

โš™ Set default values for Form Fields

๐Ÿ‘ Default values show for anyone submitting a Form entry

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Styling changes to modals to improve consistency

โœ… Removed unnecessary whitespace in filter settings

โœ… Stopped text being entered in number Fields in Safari and Firefox

09 May 2022

Streamline your work processes with Gridfox Forms.

Gridfox Forms allow you to collect information from anyone, creating new Records in your Tables with each Form submission.

Forms work across all devices and can be embedded on your existing websites, and can be customised to match your company branding.

Form Example

Forms can be used for many different purposes, for example:

  • Enquiry Forms

    Feed new leads directly into your Gridfox CRM by embedding a Gridfox enquiry Form on your site

  • Staff Feedback

    Capture feedback and ideas from your team by sending out a Gridfox Form

  • Event Attendance

    Know who is going to attend your next event by asking attendees to complete a Gridfox Form

09 May 2022

When exporting your Project data, you will now have two options for the type of export:

  1. Export a Report

    If you wish to share a snapshot of data with someone, you can use the report style export. This is available on Grid Views and will export the on-screen view of data.

  2. Export & Import Data

    If you want to add many Records to Gridfox, or make bulk edits to Records, you can use the Export & Import feature to do this. You will start by exporting the list of Records from the Table. You can then make any changes or additions required in the downloaded spreadsheet, and reimport the spreadsheet with the new data.

Import Export option

09 May 2022

Gridfox becomes very powerful when you start linking Tables together.

Now, once Tables have been linked, you can include Fields from related Tables in your Workflow actions.

For example, if you have a Task management system where each Task links to a parent Project, you could include the Project Name and Status in a Workflow email for outstanding Tasks.

Linked Fields on Workflows

Fields from a parent Table and a grandparent Table can be included on Email and Google Calendar Workflow Actions.

09 May 2022


๐Ÿ“ Create and share Forms to capture data

๐ŸŽ‡ Form submissions create Records directly in Gridfox Projects

Report View Export

๐Ÿ’ผ Enhanced export options with the ability to generate a report of the on-screen layout

๐Ÿ“ง Include Fields from related Tables in the email Workflow Action

๐Ÿ“… Include Fields from related Tables in the Google Calendar Workflow Action

Improvements & Fixes

โœ… Rich text Field controls flickered when typing

โœ… Exporting from newly created Boards and Calendars was showing an error message

25 Apr 2022

Use filters to find exactly the Records you are looking for on your project Views.

If you have linked Tables together using a parent-child relationship, you can now filter on parent Fields on a child View.

For example, if you have a relationship between Tasks and Projects, where a Project has many Tasks, you could filter the list of Tasks by the Project Status.

Filter on Parent

21 Jan 2022

Keep everything in sync with our new Google Calendar integration!

If you use Gridfox to store your events or meeting information, you can now use the new Google Calendar integration to send out invites.

Add Google Calendar Workflow Action

Check out our help guide for more information on how to setup this new integration.

Got an idea for a new integration? Let us know in our community!

26 Nov 2021

Donโ€™t lose your configuration if youโ€™re not ready to activate your workflow.

With the new โ€˜Workflow Statusโ€™ toggle, you can now get your workflows configured without then enabling them.

Enable and Disable Workflows

Enable or disable a workflow at any time by simply switching the toggle.

26 Nov 2021

Use Gridfox Templates to get up and running with your Projects even quicker.

To help you find what you need in our growing template library, weโ€™ve added some quick tags which allow you to filter the list of available templates.

Template Tags

Got a new idea for a template? Make sure to let us know in our community.

26 Oct 2021

Got a spreadsheet that should be a Gridfox Project? Use our new import feature to get up and running even quicker.

Click the Import My Data button on your homepage to get started. Our team will then assist in getting you up and running with your Project and your data.

Import Data Button

25 Oct 2021

Save time building and amending your Projects with the new Field name defaulting.

Now when you add a new Field, the name will be defaulted based on the Field Type. You can then change it at any time.

Field name defaults

Also, when adding a Field via the View Editor, the Field Type picker will open by default.

Field Picker Default

25 Oct 2021

Save time navigating around your Project with the new back button on Records to return to your previous View.

Back button

13 Oct 2021

Quickly add a new View to your Project using the Create menu in the bottom left of the navigation bar.

Create View Menu

07 Oct 2021

Quickly hide or delete a Field using the View Editor by dragging and dropping it into the appropriate bucket.

Hiding and deleting Fields

07 Oct 2021

Want to update or remove one of the Views in your Project? Open up the new View Menu, where you can edit the current View, delete the current View, or hide the View from the navigation.

View Menu

21 Sep 2021

As your business grows and develops over time, you may find you want to make changes to the setup of your Gridfox projects.

We have made it even easier to change the configuration of your Boards.

๐Ÿ–Š Want to change the one, or more than one, of the columns on your Board? Simply click on the column name and make your changes.

Renaming Board Column

โž• Got a new status to add? Just click the โ€˜Add New Columnโ€™ button.

You can also reorder your columns by dragging and dropping them.

Add new board column

๐ŸŽจ New ideas for color coding? Use the column color picker.

Change board column colour

16 Aug 2021

Start storing files in your Gridfox Records using the new File Field.

File Field on Record

Add File Fields to your Tables to start storing any pertinent information, such as:

  • CVs and references on candidate records
  • Contracts for customers
  • Designs for projects
08 Jul 2021

Boards, sometimes known as Kanban Boards, are a great way to visualise the status of various items simultaneously.

Use our new wizard to quickly create Boards in your Project.

Board Wizard

24 Jun 2021

Gridfox is very powerful once you starting linking your Tables together to create relationships in your data.

We have now added support for many-to-many relationships between Tables.

Letโ€™s say you were using Gridfox to help manage your Product Catalogue. You may have products that can be supplied by several suppliers.

Now you can simply link your Product and Supplier Tables together with a many-to-many relationship and start tracking this.

Many-to-many relationship

17 Jun 2021

Gridfox is better when you invite your team.

We have made it even easier to start collaborating with your colleagues in your Gridfox Project.

Simply click the Invite User button in the top left, which can be accessed from any page in your Project. Enter their email address and send their invite!

Invite User

In addition, we have improved the layout of the permissions page, making it even easier to see who is in your Project and the level of access they have.

Permission Redesign

28 May 2021

We love welcoming new innovators to the Gridfox community.

To help everyone start building their Projects quicker, we have added some additional pointers around the app.

Our new tours and prompts will share how you can get up and running with your custom app to start managing your work, your way.

If you would still like a bit more assistance, all our existing channels are available:

27 May 2021

After listening to our customers, we heard that people love the fact you can link Tables together to create relationships between the pieces of data in your custom app. For example, you can create Projects with linked Tasks.

Now when you are creating a Record, to create a new linked Record at the same time, simply click the New button next to the linked Table Field. Fill in the Fields, then click Save and both the Record and its linked Record will be created.

For example, when you are creating a new Task you can create the new Project the Task is for at the same time, rather than having to go back and create the new Project first!

Linked Record

19 May 2021

Save time by making Gridfox do your calculations for you!

Formula fields let you perform calculations on the data in your Gridfox Project.

Our new formula builder takes all the effort out of building these formulas, so you can focus on what matters.

No need to waste time remembering where the brackets should be, or what the exact syntax looks like.

Just click the field, function or operation from the menu. And youโ€™re good to go!

Formula Builder

06 May 2021

So youโ€™ve invited your teammates to your new Gridfox Project, but donโ€™t want them doing things they shouldnโ€™t with the data?

Use Gridfox Permissions to control exactly what team members can access and edit.

We have added the ability to restrict which users can import and export data in Tables in your Projects. Simply open up the Group (in the Permissions section) and toggle the Import / Export permission on or off as needed.