Filtering Records

To filter Records shown on a page, simply click the Filter button in the top right hand corner of any View.

Filter button

This will open up the filter panel. Click to add new filter conditions. Once you are done, click Apply.

The View will then be filtered to show all records which match the conditions you have entered.

Filtering a View

If you add multiple conditions, records will be shown if they match all of the specified conditions.


When filtering on text fields, entering just * in the filter field will return all records with any text in the field.

To clear the filter, click the Filter button to open the filter conditions and then click Clear.

Clear Filter

Additional Filter Options

When filtering on a number, money or date Field, there are additional options available.

You can choose whether to show Records with values equal to, greater than, less than, or between values that you enter.

Use the second dropdown menu to specify this.

Filter Options

Filtering Date Fields

When filtering by a Date Field, you can specify to show Records with dates relative to the current date. There are several options available:

Option Description
Next 7 Days Values between today and 7 days from today, inclusive of today
Next 30 Days Values between today and 30 days from today, inclusive of today
Last 7 Days Values between 7 days before today and today, inclusive of today
Last 30 Days Values between 30 days before today and today, inclusive of today
Current Week Values within the current calendar week, where each week starts on Monday
Current Month Values within the current calendar month
Before Today Values before today, exclusive of today
Today Values equal to today
After Today Values after today, exclusive of today

To apply one of these filters, select the Relative option in the filter condition dropdown and then choose one of the above options.

Relative Date Filter

Filtering User Fields

To show Records which have your name in the User Field, you can use the ‘@me’ option in filters.

Filter by me

In some cases, you will be able to filter on Fields from linked Records.

If you select a related Table in the Filter dropdown, there will then be an additional dropdown from which to select the Field from that related Table.

Saved Filters

Project Admins can save Filters for you to use. These will show up in the left hand navigation bar under the relevant View.

Saved Filters