Grid Views

In Gridfox, Grid Views allow you to see a list of items within a table. These grids of data can then be sorted, searched and filtered.

Grid View

Using a Grid View, you can add new rows, edit or remove existing rows of data where each Row is a Record in the Table.

Adding a New Row

To create a new Record using a Grid View, start by selecting the View from the left hand navigation bar.

Click the Add Row button.

Add Row


Alternatively, click the Add New Row link at the bottom of the grid.

Enter information in the available Fields and click Save.

Create new Record from Grid View

This row will now show up in the Grid View. A Record has been created in the Table that the Grid View is for. This Record will show up on any other Views for this Table.

You can also create new Records for Tables from Board Views, Calendar Views and Gantt Views.


The Fields that display when adding a new row are controlled by your Project Admins. If you would like different Fields to be shown, contact your Project Admins.

You may find there are some Grid Views you can add new rows to and some that you cannot. Your permission to access each Table is controlled by your Project Admins. If you don’t have permission to add new rows then the Add Row button will be greyed out and unavailable.

Viewing a Record

To take a look in more detail at one of the rows in a Grid View, simply click on the row.

To get back to the Grid View, click Save & Close or the back button in your browser.

Viewing Record in Grid View

Switching Between List and Card View

When looking at a Grid View, you can toggle the view between a list and cards using the icon in the bottom left of the page navigation.

List & Card View