Calendar Views

If you have Records that contain date information, Gridfox enables you to visualise your Records using Calendar Views.

Calendar Views are created and configured by your Project Admins.

There are two types of Calendar Views within Gridfox:

  1. Grid Calendars - Records are shown in a monthly view.

    Grid Calendar

  2. Column Calendars - Records are shown in columns grouped by day, week or month

    Column Calendar

Adding a Calendar Event

New Records can be created from Calendar Views.

  1. Click Add Event in the top right hand corner
  2. Complete the information required for the new Record
  3. Click Save

This creates a new Record. This Record will show up on any other Views for the Table.

Creating a new calendar event

Editing an Existing Event

Existing data can be viewed and edited from Calendar Views.

  1. Click on the Event on the Calendar
  2. Make changes to the Record as required
  3. Click Save & Close

Editing a Calendar Event

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