Updating & Editing Records

To update or edit a Record, simply select the Record from the appropriate Table.

Make any changes that you need – for example, within your custom CRM, updating a Contact’s job title – then click Save or Save & Close.



If you don’t have permission to edit records for a table then the Save, Save & Close and Delete buttons will be greyed out and unavailable.

Should you need to batch edit a larger quantity of Records, you can also export your table of Records into a spreadsheet. You can find out more about how to do this in our Export and Import section.

Updating Linked Records

When you are viewing a Record with associated linked Records, you can choose to add new linked Records or to unlink existing Records.

See the creating Records help to learn how to create new linked Records.

If you wish to unlink a related Record, when viewing a Record click the checkbox next to one of the related Records and then click Unlink.

Unlinking Record