Linked Records

In Gridfox, Tables can be linked to one another to create relationships between your Records.

For example, if you were using Gridfox as your custom CRM, a Companies Table could be linked to a Contacts Table. When you are looking at a Contact Record then you could see which Company they work for, and when looking at a Company Record then you could see all the related Contacts which work there.


There are several types of relationships that can be created between Tables. These relationships are created and configured by your Project Admins.

When you are viewing a Record, linked Records will display in one of two ways:

  1. As a Field on the Record

    Here, you can see the related Company when viewing a Contact Record

    Company Field on Contact

  2. As a list of related Records

    Here you can see the list of related Contacts when viewing a Company Record

    Contact Table on Company

When you are creating and editing your Records, you can also change any linked Records.