How to use Gridfox

Gridfox is made up of lots of Projects.

Projects are made up of Tables, Records, and Views:

Projects – Projects are what you build and use in Gridfox – your own custom apps.

Tables – Tables are where your information is stored in your Project. They are similar to worksheets in a spreadsheet, but with the ability to create relationships between them.

Records – A Record is an individual item and row in your Table, similar to a row in a spreadsheet.

Views – Views are the different pages that are used to access the Table and Record information. There are different Views available, including: Grids, Boards, Calendars, Gantt Charts, Dashboards, as well as Custom Views for specific use-cases.

Project Admins create and configure the Projects you will see as a user.

Within a Project you’ll be able to create, update and delete Records using the available Views.


The level at which you’re able to create, update and delete Records will be set by your Project Admins using Permissions.


Within your Gridfox account you’ll also be able to create your own Projects where you can build Tables and Views, create Workflows and manage Permissions. For more support on this, head over to our separate support section on ‘Building a Gridfox Project’.

Joining a Gridfox Project

When you’re invited to a Gridfox Project, you’ll receive an email requesting you to join.

When you click the link to join, you’ll be taken to Gridfox where you’ll be prompted to either login, if you have already created an account, or to create a new account.

To login, simply enter your email address and password and click Login.

To create a new account, complete the required account information and you will be taken to your homepage where you can access all of your Projects.

You can also access a guided tours of Gridfox as well as further video tutorials.

Supported Browsers

Gridfox is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and is easily accessible and performant on both desktop and mobile devices – enabling you to work your way, wherever.

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