Gantt Views

Gantt Views in Gridfox enable you to visualise the schedule of your Records over time. You can see at a glance where activities and tasks may overlap and how long they will take.

Gantt Views are created and configured by your Project Admins.

You can scroll horizontally along a Gantt View to see the data in earlier or future months. By default, the current day will always show in the centre. To view more detail about an entry on the Gantt View, you can click on it to open up the Record.

Using a Gantt View

Adding a New Event

New Records can be created from Gantt Views.

  1. Click Add Row in the top right hand corner
  2. Complete the information required for the new Record
  3. Click Save

This creates a new Record. This Record will show up on any other Views for the Table.

Adding a new Gantt Event


If you don’t have permission to create new Records for a particular Gantt View, the button will be unavailable. Your permission to access it is controlled by your Project Admins.

Zooming In and Out on Gantt Views

To see the information on a Gantt View at different levels of detail, you can toggle the zoom level.

  1. Click on the zoom picker in the top left corner of the Gantt View
  2. Choose the level of detail you wish to see

Zoom level of Gantt Views


The zoom level you have chosen will be remembered for the next time you access the View.

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