An Introduction to Screens

In a Project, there are several different types of screen that you may have access to. All Screens are set up and configured by your Project Admins.

Screen Types

Table Result Screens

Use Table Screens to view a list of Records in a grid format.

Perfect for an overview of items that can be sorted and filtered.


Use Boards to organise your Records into columns, with drag and drop functionality


Perfect for managing and tracking leads through sales pipelines.


Use Calendars to view Records that contain date fields.


Perfect for an overview of tasks, milestones and progress of marketing campaigns.


Use Dashboards to see snapshots of Project data across multiple Tables.

Perfect for seeing summary information about key indicators in your business.

Custom Screens

Create bespoke user-interfaces for specific use-cases within your organisation using Custom Screens.


Like CSG, The Global Talent Experts, who created a Custom Screen to manage timesheet bookings.


Custom Screens are only available on our Custom plan. This will be handled by your Project Admin.

Saved Screen Filters

Your Project Admins can set up preset filters that you can access on the Screens above. This will show a subset of the Records matching the filter criteria.

Filters show up underneath the standard Screens in your left hand navigation bar.