Take care of task management in HR with this online tool

Esme Lawrence

20 Dec 2022 · 9 mins read

Take care of task management in HR with this online tool

A Human Resource department is vital to the growth of any company, as well as the development of good relationships between managers and their teams. HR teams have varying roles based on the size of their organisation and their own departments, but some duties remain consistent across all departments. ✍

Much the same, a lot of the tasks that make up these duties remain consistent, too. Using task management processes and procedures can help lower risk and increase success in HR activities.

Even though there are multiple alternatives for spreadsheets, most organisations still consider them to be core components of their IT infrastructures and acknowledge they support critical parts of their operations. Findings from our whitepaper show that 98% of respondents use spreadsheets to manage business information, with 25.6% using the tool to manage employee data.

Even better is to manage your HR data with a single platform that is easy-to-use and can scale to meet your needs. Something that can securely store the personal data that HR teams deal with on a daily basis. 🔨

Gridfox offers just that and much, much more. This article will show you what Gridfox can offer to help your HR teams comfortably take care of their tasks.

What does a HR department do?

Before we tell you why we’re great, let’s look in more detail about the role that HR plays in a company. 🔍

On one level, a HR department serves a very administrative role which involves ensuring that all company policies and procedures are correctly adhered to. Another crucial part of the job involves people management.

Most employees will encounter the human resources department, whether they are starting a new job, progressing through their career or leaving a company. HR encompasses a wide range of areas, from benefits and compensation, procedures to job candidates and interviews. 💼

Some common HR responsibilities include:

  • Tracking job applications
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Employee training
  • Overseeing appraisal process
  • Recording absences and return to work
  • Staff departures

These repetitive tasks require essential organisation, time-management and communication skills. Even more important is the ability to prioritise the individual tasks that make up these larger responsibilities.

Task management in HR

Like the bricks that make up your office building, each of these responsibilities is made up of individual tasks. 🧱

For example, tracking job applications will require HR team members to input candidate data and update this information as they progress through the recruitment process.

Employee training also requires HR teams to provide adequate training resources to those completing activities and monitoring the completion of these training exercises.

How well HR duties are carried out is dependent on how well these tasks are carried out. Effective task management keeps teams on-track with their duties. An effective task management tool is the key to helping with this situation.

Get better at managing tasks with Gridfox

Gridfox is the work management tool that can help HR departments effectively manage their data. Giving the freedom to create solutions that work for your and your teams, Gridfox offers a highly scalable alternative to spreadsheets and off-the-shelf Human Resources software. ⚡

Gridfox is an essential tool for effective task management in HR for a few reasons:

We value visibility

HR departments deal with cross company data, grounded in often complex data relationships. Gridfox can support these relationships with intuitive features that give you complete visibility of and oversight of how your data is linked and how it is stored.

Explorer is an essential component of Gridfox, which enables users to create sophisticated data relationships without prior coding experience. Use Explorer to build out a comprehensive data model, with a variety of relationships available. 🏗️

Using Gridfox, you can, for instance, track the progress of different applicant through different stages of the interview process. In this interview process, many applicants are interviewed by many interviewers.

This applicant tracker project could be visualised through tables pertaining to applicants, interview data and interviewer profiles.

The ability to link tables allows you to visualise your company’s data in a more useful way. Both of the table relationships that are outlined here support the structure of your project by letting you gain critical insight into data structures and relationships. 🔗

With all the relevant data visible, you can begin linking your tables, a feature that makes Gridfox an extremely powerful and useful tool for analysis. The two main table relationships types that Gridfox operates with are parent-child and many-to-many relationships.

Data security is essential

A company’s HR department holds some of its most sensitive information, including employee records, expenses, and policies. With this data in circulation, HR teams cannot afford to manage their tasks in inadequate software.

Some of an enterprise’s most vulnerable systems are internal and third-party applications that process HR and payroll records. At the tip of this iceberg are spreadsheets, which lack the traceability required for a collaborative HR department; users will regularly have to request the most “up-to-date” version of a document, which halts productivity and, worse yet, risks data loss.

Gridfox is committed to delivering a highly secure and reliable environment. Gridfox enables teams to manage their information securely through a number of protective features. For one, all Gridfox projects are hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud, which provides a robust, performant, scalable runtime environment.

Azure protects your data from unplanned events, such as hardware failures, network or power outages, or natural disasters. 🌋

To add some extra security to your Gridfox Account, users can also enable Multi Factor Authentication on  logins. Multi Factor Authentication can be enabled at an Account level, which means that anyone accessing Projects in your Account must use this form of authentication.

Configuring this authentication helps enhance your businesses security by requiring users to identify themselves by more than a username and password. 

Gridfox also provides a single source of truth by giving users a complete audit trail of all changes that are made to a record. This audit maintains full transparency for all changes, including the date that a change was made to a record, the user who made the change and the field that was changed on the record.

With access to a full record history, teams can pinpoint changes as they happen in real time, whilst HR managers are given a crucial overview of projects as they develop. What’s more is that everyone has the ability to view the audit history. 

Permissions provide accessibility

A vital part of Gridfox’s security features are its Permissions. You can control the access to data across your projects using granular user and group based permissions.

What’s more is that permissions can be configured at a Table, Record or Field level. Using permissions, HR managers can ensure that users can only see what they need to see, a key advantage when dealing with personal data. 🗣️

It’s easy to get started 

The transition to a new work management management tool can sometimes be daunting. However, with Gridfox’s wide range of ready-built templates, HR teams can overcome any learning curve with ease.  💪

With a few clicks, HR teams can get up-and-running with an effective Project template that covers all the essential bases for managing HR duties. Manage the entire employee lifecycle with templates relating to everything from onboarding new hires and employee training to tracking incidents of leave and staff departures. Here are a few of our favourites templates to get your HR template started: 

Applicant Tracker

With this Applicant Tracking Template, you can easily track any open job positions. Whether you’re a small business looking to recruit new staff or an organisation managing a large workforce, this template can help you keep track of all job openings at once. 💼

You can use a board to keep track of applicants, a table to see all of your current job openings at once, or a calendar view to get an overview of scheduled interviews. Users also have access to a number of features to help streamline HR task management, namely, the ability to assign owners and create workflows for real-time notifications of updates — whether that’s a new candidate application awaiting review, or an interview date created.

Appraisal Manager

Use this handy Appraisal Manager template to manage the entire appraisal procedure from start to finish. With two tables of data, one showing employee names and another listing their performance reviews, you can view both a table of employee names and a table of performance reviews. These two tables are related, so you may examine each employee’s previous appraisements. 🌟

There is an appraisal dashboard which shows appraisals by departments and overall performance. With this visibility, you can easily identify those parts of your business where you need to improve and spot those high performers.

Accidents at Work

Accidents at the office are inevitable. However, if you use this Accidents at Work template, you’ll be able to keep track of them better and take action accordingly.

One table shows detailed reports of the injuries, including dates and times of the incidents, names of employees involved, and treatments provided. 😷

The accompanying Board View gives the ideal overview of all accidents that have taken place. Visualised through accessible charts that draw from your data, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts when updating your safety protocols.

Like what you see? Check out these articles to find more great templates for your HR department: 

Encouraging creativity and flexibility

This article has looked in depth at the ways that Gridfox can help HR teams effectively manage their tasks. Whether it’s leveraging sophisticated data relationships or benefitting from Gridfox’s customisable interface, there really is something for every HR department. 🙌

Get started with Gridfox for free here.

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