3 Essential HR Templates for Task Management

Esme Lawrence

07 Nov 2022 · 4 mins read

3 Essential HR Templates for Task Management

Human resources is an area of the company where important company activities take place on a regular basis. Be it recruitment, training, or assessments, most of these activities revolve around the employee life cycle. 👔

With so much data involved in these activities, HR teams need an easy-to-use tool to keep track of them effectively. Where these resources are not already available, teams are seeking new, transformative solutions.

The transition to a new work management management tool can sometimes be daunting. However, with Gridfox’s wide range of ready-built templates, HR teams can overcome any learning curve with ease. 💪

This article will cover three Gridfox templates that are essential for managing your HR tasks and responsibilities. Covering areas of recruitment, training and onboarding, these templates provide a perfect foundation for HR task management.

New Hire Onboarding

HR teams can use this super simple New Hire Onboarding template to ensure that new starters have been made aware of all the things they need when joining the business. 🙇‍♂️

Switch up your faltering onboarding tracker or onboarding spreadsheet for something more flexible. With this employee onboarding template, Users can log all onboarding details onto a clear Grid View. An easy-to-follow checkbox that identifies all the procedures that employees have completed as well as those outstanding.

This template is ideal for recruiting new employees to join a project team or organising your latest grad scheme. 

Remember this visibility the next time someone claims they weren’t told about fire safety procedures. Now you can prove they were! 😆

New Hire Onboarding

Employee Training

Bypass the generic employee training program templates and shabby spreadsheets. Get started with this Employee Training template, which is an ideal alternative to spreadsheets.

Whether you have newly hired employees starting or want to measure the development of current staff, this template will help you effectively manage these HR operations. 🔧

Train employees, match them with training programs, and track when and how people perform. You will find all the stats you need on the template’s visual-focused dashboard. Furthermore, Workflows with real time notifications can help automate the training process to ensure a smooth transition from new hire to team member. 

Managing training and development programs is easy with this template, which can be easily edited, added to, or amended. Simply create, adapt and scale with Gridfox. 💁‍♂️

Employee Training Template

Applicant Tracker

This Applicant Tracker template provides a simple way to track any open job roles, whether you’re a small business recruiting new members to scale, a marketing department looking for a new content manager, or a large-scale HR team managing hundreds of vacancies. 💪

Use a Kanban board to track applicant status. This neat Board View clearly categorises all applicants by where they are in the recruitment process. For example, you can think of those applications awaiting review like you would outstanding tasks on a task tracker.

However, this is much more than any old job tracker template. The greatest strength of this template is the multiple Grid views that allow users to see all of their candidates and the interviews that are taking place across vacancies in one centralised area. 🥇

To get further clarity on the interview schedule, you can leverage a Calendar Screen for an overview of planned interviews. With the ability to assign owners and create workflows for real-time notifications of updates — whether that’s a new candidate application awaiting review, or an interview date created.

Other tracking templates might be satisfied offering one or two screens for you to store your data, but Gridfox prides itself on offering flexibility and scalability for all users. From this applicant tracker template, you’ll be able to add, hide or remove anything as required. 🙇‍♀️

Applicant Tracker Template

Take care of your tasks today

Here’s just a few of our favourite templates to get your HR teams started with some essential HR responsibilities. In addition to these templates, HR teams might also find Gridfox’s project management templates useful for managing large-scale duties. Whether you’re looking for employee training plans, onboarding trackers or simply want to do some project planning, Gridfox has you covered.

With all the perks that Gridfox has to offer, you might be wondering if it’s too good to be true.You might think that the words “free task management template” are rarer than a shooting star. 🌠

However, at Gridfox we want to equip everyone with the ability to build powerful, custom applications that match their exact needs. So whatever your use case, software experience or pain point, you can get started with Gridfox for free.

Get started here.

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