3 Reasons Why Your HR Department Needs This Online Tool

Louis Dickinson

16 Nov 2022 · 5 mins read

3 Reasons Why Your HR Department Needs This Online Tool

In any business, a Human Resources department plays a key role in the growth of the company. This department facilitates company activity and employee wellbeing, which makes sure that everyone is carrying out their duties to the vest of their ability.

While the role of the HR department varies depending on the size of the organisation and its departments, some duties are constant. HR teams primarily deal with employee data, and this can encompass everything from the hiring process and onboarding process to overseeing employee development and employee feedback. ️

The best HR tools will help you manage your employees’ performance reviews, track employee attendance, and provide you with all the information you need about your staff. They also allow you to create an effective training program for your team members.✍

Still using spreadsheets

Given that so much critical employee data passes through these departments, it only seems right that they manage this information with the best digital tools. However, our research shows that over a quarter (25.6%) of SMEs are still managing employee data in spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are adequate for working with static data, but they come with many limitations that make them insufficient for dealing with dynamic and complex data.

Using task management processes and procedures can help lower risk and increase success in HR activities. However, it’s even better to find a tool that can provide a central storage space for all of your HR data. Somewhere that teams can collaborate and easily access the data they need, wherever they may be working.

Gridfox is the secret weapon that your HR teams can leverage to ensure smooth, seamless operations. Whether it’s the ability to quickly scale your tool up or down around recruitment periods or ensure accessibility for all of your department, Gridfox has you covered.

Here’s a few reasons why Gridfox is the ideal alternative to spreadsheets…

Easy to customise

By adapting and scaling projects to your exact working patterns — adding and removing Fields, selecting Views (and more!) — HR will be able to easily manage their various processes all in one place. 🤹‍♂️

Gridfox is a custom software solution that’s built for you, by you. With the ability to scale, flex and adapt to your ever changing requirements without requiring development time, departments can get working right away. Say hello to citizen developers! 👋

While off-the-shelf, modern HR software might provide a quick fix to some of the challenges that teams are facing, they are often riddled with unnecessary features and lack the customisation features that allow you to tailor tools to your ways of working. 

Gridfox allows you to get the perfect view of your data through different Views, which include a classic Grid View, a Gantt Chart and a high level Dashboard for expert reporting. All of these Views are complete with granular filtering and customisation features such as colours and display modes.

Managing bigger teams? Gridfox can meet your enterprise-level customization needs as well, offering everything from a custom subdomain to 3rd-party integrations and Azure AD integrations.

A secure space for data

Additionally, Gridfox provides secure storage for all HR data. Gridfox runs all projects in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud, which is robust, performant, and scalable.🔐

With Azure, we offer data recovery after unplanned events, such as hardware failures, network outages or natural disasters. This extra layer of protection is essential for HR departments since they deal with sensitive personal data.

For that extra, extra layer of protection, Gridfox also leverages Azure’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) to further protect from potential vulnerabilities or attacks. 👊

Gridfox is built using secure design principles, segregating data by each project being contained within its own database.


Once a part of the office furniture, today’s HR teams are more distributed. They work on a more flexible, hybrid basis and, to support this current working model, they need tools that are accessible and flexible.

Secure accessibility is crucial to remote communication. In order to keep your team morale and productivity high, ensuring your team can see what tasks they’re assigned is crucial. 🔑

Setting up secure access to server-based software can be a challenging undertaking for SMEs. A cloud-hosted platform eliminates those issues right away, allowing your team to get started working anywhere quickly.

Cloud means that data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. With this accessibility comes improved team collaboration, communication and, ultimately, productivity.

Data access can also be controlled. With Gridfox, Project Admins easily manage user permissions. In the Users tab at the top of your project, you can manage whether a user is an admin or can just view and/or edit data. 🤝

With the ability to manage permissions, HR teams can ensure that data isn’t being shared carelessly — a key benefit in a world of personal information and internal company data.

You can also hide views and hide data that isn’t relevant to your project with Gridfox. By using this feature, teammates can access the information they need to see without being overwhelmed by information overload 💥

Manage employee data with ease with Gridfox

Using Gridfox, HR teams can manage employees and administrative data more efficiently. Gridfox is an essential tool for HR departments looking to unite their teams and achieve frictionless operations by providing a centralised area to manage applicant data, training programs, and more. 🙌

Get started with Gridfox here.

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