5 Templates to Boost Your HR Department

Jack Gill

13 Apr 2022 · 6 mins read

5 Templates to Boost Your HR Department

A HR department is an avenue through which important company activity passes on a regular basis. Most of these activities centre around the employees life cycle, be it recruitment, training or assessments. 👔

With so much data involved in these activities, HR teams need an easy-to-use tool to keep track of them effectively. Where these resources are not already available, teams are seeking new, transformative solutions. 

Research from Gartner shows that 65% of HR leaders are prioritising “executing business transformations”, an 11% increase from the previous years’ study. With the expectation that at least some employees will work remotely in the future, HR departments now more than ever require a tool that is as accessible as it is powerful. 

Something that offers visibility of business data regardless of where your team is working from. In other words, something that can transform their current operations so that they can keep up with ever-changing work processes. 🔋

With Gridfox, you get all of that and more! Gridfox is a work management platform that offers useful and effective ways to manage your data, ensuring that all of your HR processes are seamlessly integrated into company operations. Not only that, but with cloud storage and settings for users & permissions, Gridfox enables HR teams to break down silos. 

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. In this article we’ll discuss five Gridfox templates that can assist you in managing key HR processes. 🙌

1. New Starters

Starting a new job is a daunting prospect for everyone involved. HR teams are expected to keep a track of every new employee, just as employees welcome new responsibilities and cooperate with new colleagues. 👨‍💼

Using this New Starters template, this onboarding process can be streamlined and simplified. This template will scale and adapt to fit your needs, regardless of whether you’re onboarding new hires within your department or a whole HR team at a new location. 

For one, there’s a useful table that details all of the relevant data related to new starters, be this contact details, department or start date. The Board Screen provides further scope for tracking employees by department, with colour-coordinated cards giving you a visually accessible overview of your teams. 

 To use an old English saying, New recruits can be a bit like buses; you wait ages for one, and then three come along at once! No matter how many friendly faces you have joining your workforce, you can keep track of their start dates using the Calendar Screen of this template, which gives you an overview of new hires by date. 📆

2. New Hire Onboarding

Keeping track of the new faces at your company is one thing, but it’s also important that you introduce them to all of the necessary procedures that come with your organisation. Fire safety checks and employee handbooks may not sound like the most interesting parts of the job, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t integral to the recruitment process! 🦺

Use this New Hire Onboarding template to ensure that your new starters have been made aware of all these essential onboarding procedures. Log new starters’ information into your gridfox cards and use the easy-to-use checkbox to identify all the procedures the employees have completed and those that are outstanding.

Whenever someone claims they weren’t informed of fire safety procedures, keep this visibility in mind; now you can prove that they were! 🧯

3. Employee Training

42% of businesses seek to address their skills gap by investing in employee training and development, according to a recent study. Training not only offers employees with valuable, transferable skills, but it also armours organisations with an arsenal of innovative teams, ready for the next challenge. 🙌

HR departments can facilitate these important processes with this nifty Employee Training template, which can manage your organisations’ training sessions with ease. Regardless of whether you are bringing on new employees or measuring the progress of existing employees, this template can help teams manage these sessions effectively.

Using this template you can assign employees to training programs, and monitor training results. A Board View will allow you to monitor the progress of each employee, with statuses pertaining to grade level. 📋

Easy to edit and amend, this template is great for small business owners and human resource teams that need to manage training and development programs.

4. Staff Departures

‘The great resignation’ has been widely publicised in the aftermath of the pandemic, as employees are leaving companies in droves. Where it’s not possible to retain employees, HR departments can still benefit from studying the data around staff departures. 👨‍🏭

Using this Staff Departures template, you can track employee departures and evaluate the statistics based on gender, age, and other demographics. With this critical data available at-a-glance, companies can begin to better understand which employees are leaving, and work smarter in the task of employee retention. 

A dashboard view serves as an overview of all this data, allowing you to quickly review statistics by selecting a chart view. This colour coordinated chart provides a visual insight into the areas behind departures, and can be easily updated and customised if needed.

5. Return to Work

Employees may take time away from work for a number of reasons, be it sickness, family bereavement or personal matters in their own life. Employers can be attuned to these events by keeping a note of all leave and recording when employees return to work. 

With this Return to Work template, you can track leave incidents and identify patterns across departments and reasons for absence. Two tables in this template provide organisations with all the necessary information regarding employees’ return to work, including the return details and employees’ names.

Easily switch between these views and filter each board according to the information you want to see. The overview dashboard provides just that, offering a visually accessible space to scope and analyse data, complete with charts.

Moreover, this template provides a repeatable process that ensures everyone is contacted on their return to work. By implementing this system, HR departments can ensure clear communication throughout the company and maintain positive morale amongst employees as they return to work. 👥

Manage company activity with Gridfox 🦊

From onboarding new hires to managing departures and returning employees, Gridfox helps all HR teams manage their projects and processes with ease. Here we’ve shown you 5 handy templates that will allow your HR teams to do just that! 

With the ability to adapt and scale your templates to fit your exact ways of working — adding and removing fields, selecting new screens (and more!) — you can also be sure that your HR teams can manage these processes seamlessly. 

Want to find out how Gridfox can help your teams? Contact us here

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