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Campaign management made easy: How a Marketing Director uses Gridfox

Jack Gill

18 Jun 2021 · 4 mins read

Campaign management made easy: How a Marketing Director uses Gridfox

Small and mid-size businesses occupy an integral place within our society, with recent findings from Hampshire Trust Bank forecasting that SMEs will contribute an estimated £241 Billion to the UK economy by 2025. To allow them to keep making these contributions, it’s important that these businesses receive marketing expertise at every step of their development.

The Marketing Centre is the UK’s number one provider of part-time Marketing Directors to ambitious businesses. With a proven track-record of growth their part-time Marketing Directors provide the knowledge, passion and experience to create forward momentum and real impact, affordably.

Tamsin Fielden is one of these part-time Marketing Directors, with a wealth of experience helping SMEs realise the necessary strategies for growth. Her schedule extends across marketing strategy, campaigns and communication programmes, to day-to-day tasks and workshops. To accommodate her role, Tamsin sought out a platform that would allow her to manage a variety of responsibilities:

“Over the years I have been looking for a marketing tool that can help to both track tasks and also be able to support a proper marketing plan with all the granular detail that sits behind it – including scheduling activity and diarising events and having it all in one place”

Enter Gridfox. As a no code platform, Gridfox allows you to create bespoke applications that are geared to how you work. Speaking to Tamsin, we learned about how Gridfox has helped her manage her tasks and improve efficiency.

No code, no problem

In practice, no code means that someone without coding skills can build a completely custom interface with features relevant to your specific business goals. Not only does this enable anyone in your team to build and share these tools, but it also improves software production rate. Unlike alternative, off-the-shelf solutions where training may be required, no code platforms allow users to begin developing interfaces right away – saving time and resources. As Tamsin explains:

“I created a very basic app, very quickly, and then I kept coming back to it, thinking I can add another bit to it, and then another bit to it. And that iterative development, I think is a really nice part of the functionality, because it means that I can adapt it over time, and I can adapt it to what I need at that specific time, rather than being overwhelmed and over-faced with too much functionality up front”.

Whether you’re starting a project from scratch or from one of our templates, what’s great is that Gridfox allows you to make changes as your priorities change. “If you’re working in Gridfox and suddenly decide you’d like to be tracking something else, you can simply change and update it. It’s that ability to change and respond to what the team needs and, again, make it work bespoke for the team.”

In line with any shifting focuses, Gridfox offers a variety of screens, including Boards, Calendars and Gantt Screens, allowing you to visualise records and track projects over time.

An asset to the company

Growth relies on good foundations. In order to create an engine for growth, organisations need to be able to systemise processes, making them visible, efficient and repeatable. And Gridfox can be a key element to enabling the system to function on a daily basis.

Tamsin has seen these benefits first-hand, with improved communication and collaboration throughout her client teams. By providing a holistic approach to task management, Gridfox has enabled Tamsin to analyse projects at a granular level and quickly solve any challenges that may arise.

As she explains: “It’s all about efficiency and better planning – everything is in one place, it’s all up to date, and it’s visible to everybody.  So I have found that teams have cut down on time spent keeping everybody up to date, improved planning, and can see how everything interacts with each other – all the interdependencies. It also allows me to see patterns in how we work such as where the blockages are in our process and patterns in our media schedules which give valuable MI to help us improve our marketing processes.”

To configure which projects are visible to your team, Gridfox gives you the ability to manage users and permissions, ultimately allowing for a focussed and streamlined workflow. By navigating to the users tab on your dashboard, you’ll be able view the users in your group and control who can read, create, edit and delete tables.

Secure. Flexible. Effective.

Want to find out how you can begin managing your tasks and increase efficiency? Get started with Gridfox free here.

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