Creating a flexible tool to manage company and customer data

Creating a flexible tool to manage company and customer data


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Pentest People

Pentest People, part of The Storm Technology Group, are the fastest-growing independent security provider in the United Kingdom, providing Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) with an innovative approach to security testing.

By building on front-line network security experience and listening to the day-to-day challenges of customers, Pentest People successfully deliver world-class, integrated security risk management solutions that turn security data into security intelligence; simplifies and automates regulatory compliance processes and provides peace of mind for network managers that their IT environment is fully protected. 

With Gridfox we were able to build a system that works exactly how we work, with the ability to tweak and adjust as we need.

- Gavin Watson, Technical Director

Project Background

With a recent history of providing cost-effective and compliant security solutions to organisations across the UK, Pentest People required a project management tool that would allow them to keep track of projects effectively and continue providing support to the UK security sector. 

Over two years ago, they began using a bespoke system that was developed in-house. While this was a suitable short term option, the company soon outgrew this system as it began to expand and take on more employees across a variety of roles and responsibilities. 

Any attempts to manage this expanded workforce via conventional project management tools such as Basecamp or Redmine solutions were soon thwarted by bugs and clunky interfaces. Their once bespoke system no longer functioned at an enterprise level, leaving them seeking a solution that could be adapted in line with their ever-growing company. 

After investing so much time into rewriting and patching up an already failing system, Pentest looked to a new system that could manage internal and external operations. Here’s where Gridfox came in. 

Gridfox provided a new means of project management that was both flexible enough to adapt to their working practices and could be scaled to fit their workforce. 

The Build

Starting from scratch, Pentest People built a tool that spoke to both their customer and project data. With a sleek and accessible User Interface, Pentest People found the table builder to be intuitive and easy to use, meaning that they could create projects quickly.

By linking their tables — customers, projects and assessments — Pentest People were able to gain visibility for analysis and decision making across all company activities.

Employees felt comfortably supported by Gridfox’s wide catalogue of tutorials — including help docs, videos and how tos — which offered guidance on any features that weren’t immediately clear.

The platform was initially developed with their old system in mind, retaining only the useful features and functionality. From here, Pentest People hope to develop their platform slowly and organically over time. 


Ultimately, Pentest benefited from Gridfox’s flexible and intuitive nature; the ability to get creative and tailor your projects to the needs of your business allowed the company to scale operations where required. 

Gridfox was able to respond to the rapid changes made by Pentest People, adapting to their working practices — rather than the other way around. Simplifying their existing system has led to increased flexibility across projects, teams and departments. 

Gridfox is fantastic as it changes to suit us and not the other way round.

- Gavin Watson, Technical Director

Key features

  • Multi-factor authentication for enhanced security around login
  • Custom granular permissions to control access to data 
  • Using screens to view access in different ways, as suited to teams
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