Building a sales tracker to effectively manage finances

Building a sales tracker to effectively manage finances


Years of experience in research, design and build services


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Numiko delivers award winning digital projects for world renowned organisations in culture, higher education and public sector and policy.

 Working with organisations that exist to make a positive difference in the world, Numiko have over 20 years’ experience in providing research, design and build services that result in game-changing projects, providing everything needed to bring a step change to digital presence – from strategy, to design and build.


We’ve used lots of different systems throughout the years that we have picked up and dropped, mainly as they seem great but started creaking after a while. This is perfect as it does exactly what we need. With no training or guidance, we were able to build from a template initially to track sales, and continue to add in different functions as and when we need

- Jaron Ghani, Technical Director

Project Background

As so much of Numiko’s work is focused on helping organisations refocus their objectives and update outdated digital resources, it was important that their own business processes were as streamlined and up-to-date as possible. 

Collaborating with businesses across a number of high-level public sectors also meant that security was vital when managing information. Prior to using Gridfox, Numiko did not have a centralised database for business critical-data and, instead, used a patchwork of spreadsheets and other hosted alternatives. 

This setup posed challenges to team efficiency, with multiple documents in circulation and little opportunity to gain oversight over the long-term projects that were being completed. An application that was as visually accessible as it was functional was needed. 

Ensuring that their platform was multi-user friendly whilst also offering the same variety of functions that would be found on Excel or Teamgantt was an essential requirement — and one that Gridfox was more than capable of delivering. 

What Gridfox provided was a useful alternative that could not only centralise operations, but also enabled team members to work collaboratively. 

The Build

Aware that they wanted to get an overview of sales and finances in their business, Numiko used the Sales Tracker template as a starting point for their project. As they began without any tutorial or guidance, templates acted as a useful way to understand how Gridfox could be used to its full potential. 

The project was initially built on Sales Tracker, before being picked apart and customised to fit their business needs. Having an expansive list of templates at their disposal, the team regularly visited this page to discover other possible use cases. 

Once the tracker was in use, dashboards provided valuable insights and allowed Numiko to report on finances and the overall progress of their projects — all in one place. With the flexibility to view data in a variety of ways, from Gantt and pie charts, to record grids, Gridfox offers a continually dynamic means of data analysis. 


Gridfox has enabled Numiko to gain maximum oversight over their data. By linking tables, they were able to create a sophisticated data model which provided critical insights for analysis. 

Their now centralised system has helped streamlined operations significantly, with the platform being easily adapted to support business plans. With increased visibility across multiple users, Numiko can retain control over large projects and issue tasks quickly and efficiently. 

Gridfox’s highly customisable interface continues to inspire creative operations among Numiko today, who attest to finding new and exciting ways to manage their data that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had they continued with their previous setup. 

Gridfox is right up our street as it does exactly what we need. We see it being integral to running the management of finances within our business as well as managing a number of different functions as we keep adding to it

- Jaron Ghani, Technical Director

Key Features

  • Kanban board to track progress of sales pipeline
  • Dashboards providing valuable insights across finances and overall projects
  • Using filters to gain snapshot view of projects and quarterly revenue
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