Ensuring Transparency and Communication in Your Marketing Teams

Louis Dickinson

31 Mar 2022 · 4 mins read

Ensuring Transparency and Communication in Your Marketing Teams

Effectively managing your marketing team can be challenging. The industry evolves quickly, with trends in social media, automation and e-commerce — to name a few! — all affecting how teams carry out their campaigns. Set against the backdrop of remote working, these challenges are complicated further, with distributed teams and varying access to project data. 🌐

In order for marketing teams (and managers) to work efficiently and effectively as their workloads increase, they need platforms that allow them to manage workflows, work with agility and optimise processes. Existing tools may satisfy some of these requirements, but rarely do they provide a centralised, long-term solution. 🧰

Gridfox is a work management platform tailored to the way marketing managers lead their teams. Visibility, transparency and agility are just a few key qualities that are shared among Gridfox features and the best marketing teams. 

With cloud-hosted project data and thorough permissions, managers can be confident that they have the access and visibility required to track their team’s marketing tasks, activities and events. And, because Gridfox is a no-code platform, tools can be built without any prior coding experience. 🥳

Let’s take a further look at why Gridfox is a perfect companion to marketing team management. 

Transparency Throughout

A marketing manager’s primary duty is to communicate a targeted message to consumers. Transparency about the product fosters this relationship and is valued by more than 60% of UK consumers.

These qualities should exist internally too. A transparent marketing team is defined by an approach to decision-making that is systematic and organised. Together transparency and communication fosters trust and encourages collaboration as teams develop their campaigns. 

Gridfox helps with the important details of your campaign — the who, what, where, and when. In doing so, marketing teams can ensure that every base is covered and that data is readily available for all colleagues. 

Adding Fields to Records can give some much-needed transparency to otherwise vague tasks. Want to know the status of a project? Add a List Field. Want to schedule a social post? Use a Date Field. Require a clear brief for content items? Make sure team members know exactly what they’re doing with a Rich Text Field. These are just a few ways Fields can increase transparency within your campaign. 

Gridfox lays the foundation for visual transparency too. Equipped with a number of views, including kanban boards, gantt, pie and bar charts, Gridfox sets the foundations for a data-driven marketing team. Views not only allow users to see Record information, but to also make changes to data in the Project. Having access to this campaign critical data at a glance means that employees are informed and able to directly measure their efforts.📈

Communicate with Confidence

Virtual meetings and video conferencing software aren’t the only ways marketing teams can communicate. 🙊

Visibility and transparency are equally important traits that characterise communication for modern marketing teams. With the right tools, remote communication enables teams to deal with data and complete tasks seamlessly wherever they are. 

Gridfox is a key player in the fight against siloed marketing teams. One way that we outfox these silos is by hosting all projects in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, which provides a scalable, secure and performant runtime environment. Managers can rest assured that data is accessible to their team, regardless of their working location. Access anytime, anywhere. 🌐

On top of this, Gridfox guarantees real-time notifications for colleagues working on the same project. With Gridfox Workflows, you can automate actions for Records in your Projects. This means that marketing teams can save time on tasks and ensure review processes are followed at every step of their campaign. 

Say you want to notify colleagues of outstanding PR tasks at the end of the week. Using workflows, you can set up a workflow that reminds users of these tasks via the automate tab in your project (find out more here!). Ensuring this ongoing feedback loop is key to open communications, regardless of working location. 🌍

And, with 85% of marketing leaders saying they enjoy working remotely, it’s more important than ever that teams find the right tools that will allow them to collaborate and communicate wherever they are.

Lead Marketing Teams with Gridfox 

Marketing teams create campaigns to achieve specific goals and success. It’s a set of strategies purposefully designed to engage customers into your product, service or organisation as a whole. At its core, it’s finding new, creative ways to market often familiar products. 

Even though remote working has transformed how teams work, managers still need to maintain transparency and communication among their teams. Using collaboration tools that allow data to be shared quickly will ensure that teams are on the same page when it comes to the bigger, strategic picture of your marketing plans. 📝

Gridfox enables managers to track tasks and fosters transparency between teams, while simultaneously offering all the ingredients for a comprehensive marketing strategy with all the granular details — including how to schedule activities and events. All in one place. 🦊

We’ve provided a glimpse of some of the great features Gridfox offers. With these tools, managers can lead their teams with confidence, successfully deliver projects on time, and make sure that their teams are prepared for whatever comes their way. 

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