4 Gridfox Templates to Power Your Marketing Teams

Beth King

19 Jan 2022 · 4 mins read

4 Gridfox Templates to Power Your Marketing Teams

A third of marketers say the pandemic led to a rapid digital transformation of business processes, according to Criteo. It’s unsurprising, given the outdated processes that many teams often find themselves burdened with (spreadsheets we’re looking at you 👀). 

But what should a digital-first marketing team use? Something that is powerful, customisable and accessible to all team members is a good start.

Gridfox is the no-code tool that offers just that and much more! By offering powerful and innovative ways to manage your data, Gridfox makes sure all your marketing campaign needs are met.

Not only that, but with cloud storage and settings for users & permissions, Gridfox is a key facilitator for team collaboration.

Not sure where to start? Fear not. This article gives you the leg-up to successfully manage all marketing projects — from start to finish. 

1. Campaign Manager

Clarity is key when it comes to executing your marketing campaign. That’s why the Gridfox Campaign Manager template is equipped with a Board and Calendar screen, ensuring visibility across multiple campaigns. 📅

You can even set up Workflows for real-time notifications, such as when an activity status is updated, or an activity owner changes. Dashboard Screens provide an overview of project data in pie chart, bar graph and funnel formats, making them ideal for reporting across campaigns.

Putting versatility at its core, a template like this is perfect for individual consultants and agencies, as well as in-house marketing teams. Think of it as the ideal alternative to tracking marketing activity across spreadsheets.

2. 100 Day Marketing 

100 days is the often-used time scale for measuring success. To make the most out of this period, you need a template that is accessible, easy-to-use and versatile. Look no further than Gridfox’s 100 day marketing plan template, which makes it easy to manage your campaigns and projects in one place. 

Here you’ll find a Gantt Chart, Board and Dashboard, giving maximum oversight of all your data. You can easily gain visibility into your projects and tasks with a Gantt Chart, Board, or even Dashboard, all in the form of one view. 

It’s easy to manage campaigns and projects in one place with this 100 Day Marketing Plan template, giving you the visibility to keep track of tasks across teams — whatever you’re working on. Whether it’s a new product release, social media campaign or simply scaling the marketing team, we’ve got you covered. 

3. Task Manager

Archaeologists have estimated that the great pyramid consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks! Each individual block of limestone might not seem like much, but together they make up one of the 7 wonders of the world. 

In the same way, individual tasks - mundane as some may seem - come together to form a watertight marketing campaign with big wins. 

And, with this task manager template, task management need no longer be tedious. You can easily track your daily, weekly and monthly tasks with this template, including deadlines, priority levels, current statuses, and estimated vs actual time spent. Just modify as required. 

On the Calendar screen, you can view your organised tasks by due date while, on the Board screen, you can view them by status, e.g. ‘Pending’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Completed’. 🚦

Workflows can be configured to send real-time notifications, such as tasks the user needs to complete within the next week.

4. Team Meeting

As remote working has become more prevalent, it is estimated that each employee’s weekly meeting time increased by 10%, resulting in three more meetings per week.

As your campaign takes hold, it helps to meet with colleagues to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that actions can be set moving forward. Use the team meeting tracker to map out your team’s attendance and collective goals at every step of the way; there’s even fields for naming and describing proposals. 

With the status board, you can keep track of each proposal at a glance, which means no more delays (and no more excuses) for completing tasks! 

Templates  🤝 Teams 

Marketing teams often find themselves spinning many plates; content, analytics, engagement, research, CRM. Sometimes you need a helping hand. With these four Gridfox templates your marketing team will be well on the way to leading an effective marketing campaign — all areas covered. 

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Campaign management made easy: How a Marketing Director uses Gridfox
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