Enabling Efficiency With Gridfox's Marketing Templates

Louis Dickinson

08 Jun 2022 · 4 mins read

Enabling Efficiency With Gridfox's Marketing Templates

A marketing plan is the first step to any successful campaign. However, the ability to create an effective plan, let alone finding the time to do so, is not always easy.

Often managers will have to ‘make do’ with a fixed template or change the way they work to fit the off-the-shelf solution they’ve purchased. Worse yet, they might end up using spreadsheets to manage their business-critical data, opening themselves up to a host of risks in the process. Obviously this is not a sustainable option, since it doesn’t account for the natural changes that occur as projects evolve. 🌳

Gridfox templates can help you get started on those marketing projects quickly and easily. For starters, data is centralised, all in one place, which allows teams to collaborate without the hassle of having to switch between different tools. With this increased visibility, everyone knows who is doing what, where and when, keeping you on track to achieving marketing goals.

Consistency is a key benefit too. When you use templates in your project, you can repeat the same set of tasks quickly. It makes it possible to create repeatable workflows and saves time, since you don’t have to create the same tasks again and again. 

Here we look at a few essential templates for getting started with your marketing projects. 

Campaign Manager

For those long-term projects, granting you maximum oversight over campaign-critical data like progress, status and upcoming activities. The campaign manager template is a go-to for marketing teams of all sizes, as well as agencies and consultancies. Get granular with Filters showing you which campaigns and projects are either pending, in progress or completed. 

Using Workflows, you can even set up real-time notifications, such as when an activity status is updated, or a new owner is added. Dashboard screens can also present project data in pie charts, bar graphs and funnel formats that can be used to give a comprehensive overview of your campaign data. 

Gridfox Campaign Manager Template

100 day marketing plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day (or 100, for that matter). That being said, 100 days remains the benchmark for evaluating success. 100 days gives teams ample time for planning their marketing strategies and executing targets. 

With this template you can track each of those 100 days (should you desire!) in great detail using tables relating to projects, tasks and notes. Get a quick overview of your planned campaigns with a Gantt Chart or follow project and task status with a board view. 

Using the 100 Day Marketing Plan template, you can manage campaigns and projects throughout your company in one place, giving you the visibility you need to keep track of tasks between employees.

Gridfox 100 Day Marketing Template

Task Manager 

When you manage your tasks, you can plan your day and your time without having to rely too much on others. It reduces the interdependence of tasks, allowing you to accomplish more tasks in less time. 

Use this template to track your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks across teams and the wider business; this includes deadlines, priority levels, current statuses, and estimated vs. actual time spent. Just modify as necessary. You can simply look at what needs to be done, ask questions where necessary, and work more efficiently.

As your campaign takes hold, you can use the board and calendar screens to get the maximum oversight of the work status of your teams, as well as what work is upcoming.  

Gridfox Task Manager Template

Save time with templates

These are just a few of the templates that can give you that much-needed leg up when it comes to managing your marketing teams. The best part is that once you’re up-and-running, you’ve always got the opportunity to tweak your template with added features and functionality. 🔧

Whether you’re sticking to the template or making changes, Gridfox remains flexible enough to accommodate any change you need to make. If you decide that you want to track something else while using Gridfox, you can adapt and update it as needed.

Teams are, then, able to change and respond with agility; it’s just another way that Gridfox works bespoke for your marketing team. 👍

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4 Gridfox Templates to Power Your Marketing Teams
4 Gridfox Templates to Power Your Marketing Teams
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Campaign management made easy: How a Marketing Director uses Gridfox