Configuring a Workflow to remind the team of outstanding tasks

Beth King · 3 mins read

Configuring a Workflow to remind the team of outstanding tasks
Learning Objectives
  • Benefits of scheduling Workflows
  • Ability to create scheduled Workflows

An Introduction to Workflows

Gridfox Workflows allow you to automate actions that would be taken for Records in your Projects. By adding in Workflows, you can save time on tasks and ensure processes are followed.

Workflows can be used for a variety of activities. One common use case is using a workflow to notify a user via email of an event or to remind them of an activity or task.

Using Workflows for reminders of outstanding tasks

In the Managing your Team’s Workload using Boards tutorial, a Task Board was created which allowed the team to have visibility of each other’s task lists and quickly update the status of their tasks.

To help the team keep on top of their workload, you can send them an email reminder at the start of each week of all their tasks which are due in the coming week.

Before starting this tutorial, set up a Project as per the instructions in the Managing your Team’s Workload using Boards tutorial.

Creating a Workflow

Start by creating a new Workflow in the Team Task Tracker Project.

  1. Open up the Team Task Tracker Project
  2. Click the Automate tab in the top right hand corner
  3. If there are other Workflows in the Project, click Create Workflow - otherwise, skip this step
  4. Select Task in the Workflow Table dropdown
  5. Give the Workflow a Name ‘Task Reminder Alert’

You are now ready to configure the Workflow Steps.

Create Workflow

Configuring the Workflow Trigger

This Workflow will be setup to run on a schedule. You can also create Workflows which are triggered by events, such as the creation of a Record. See the Workflow help guide for more information.

  1. Drag the Schedule Trigger onto the Workflow Canvas
  2. Click the Scheduled Workflow Block
  3. Select Weekly in the Recurrence menu
  4. Select 08:00 in the Hour menu
  5. Select Monday in the Day of Week menu
  6. Click Apply

This means that this Workflow will run every Monday at 08:00.

Add Workflow Trigger

Configuring the Workflow Condition

We should now choose which Records that the Workflow should go get to then perform an action on.

In the Managing your Team’s Workload using Boards tutorial, a Saved Filter was created to give the team quick access to their tasks with a due date in the current week. We can use this filter in the Workflow.

  1. Drag the Filter Record Condition onto the Workflow Canvas
  2. Click the Filter Records Workflow Block
  3. Select ‘This week’s tasks’
  4. Click Apply

Add Workflow Condition

Configuring the Workflow Action

The last step is to specify the action that should be taken when the Workflow is run. We want to send an email to the team with their task list for the week.

  1. Drag the Send Email Workflow Action onto the Workflow Canvas
  2. Click the Send Email Workflow Block
  3. Select the User or Group Field tab
  4. In Select Field, choose Task.Owner
  5. In Email Subject, enter ‘Weekly Task Reminder’
  6. In the Email Body, enter some text for the email
  7. Click the button to include the workflow records
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Save

Your workflow is now active. Each week your team members will receive a reminder of all their upcoming tasks.

Add Workflow Action


Workflows can help your team keep on top of tasks and save time you by automating any reminders. You can add Workflows on top of any other Tables that you create to help you and your team focus on what matters.