How to Perfectly Plan Your Content with Gridfox

Louis Dickinson

08 Jul 2022 · 4 mins read

How to Perfectly Plan Your Content with Gridfox

Research from SEO platform SEMRush shows that only one quarter of content marketing teams utilise team collaboration tools to execute their strategy. Meanwhile, social media (65%), website analytics tools (50%) and email marketing software (44%) were found to be the most popular tools.  

While these are, undoubtedly, important bits of tech for your marketing strategy, collaboration tools should not be overlooked. At a time when remote work risks isolating employees, this technology can provide a vital link in ensuring that teams not only survive, but thrive in this new landscape. 

However, this still begs the question; where should you plan this content? 🤔

A centralised platform where data is visible to team members is certainly a good start. If you plan your content calendar in spreadsheets or separate calendar software, you may have difficulty seeing deadlines and knowing when articles are scheduled to be posted. 

Throw in the added issue of version control and a lack of customisation, and you’ve got a recipe for insufficient content management. 👎

Gridfox, on the other hand, enables teams to plan and manage content pieces in one centralised project so that they can get their best quality work released as soon as it’s ready. This article will show how Gridfox can help you plan content consistently.

Why Content is King 👑

Content is an essential component of any marketing strategy. It is the glue that holds the pieces together; the butter that binds the bread (you get the picture). Content is also crucial in that it connects your company with your customers by giving them something to engage with. 🔗

Under this umbrella, content serves many important functions, like answering your customers’ questions, nurturing relationships and establishing your company as a thought leader in your industry. 

In today’s digital age, customers expect quality content as well as excellent service; whether it’s providing a written how-to guide or a video webinar discussing an industry topic, content can be a gateway to generating those all important new leads and growing your sales. 📈

Internally, content is created through collaboration and communication. While the marketing department typically oversees content, everyone can offer new perspectives. However, only with the right tools can this teamwork flourish. Here’s where we can help…

Gridfox’s Content Calendar 📅

Gridfox’s Content Calendar template is an ideal tool for teams to plan marketing content, complete with the functionality you need to level up your content cycle. 

Let’s start with the Content Table, which can give teams full visibility into all of the tasks within the project. Teams will also benefit from the Fields in this table, which provide essential information about each task, such as its status, area and which team member it is assigned. 

When you want to get a focused view of all outstanding work, teams can then use Filters to organise Records into upcoming draft and live deadlines. And, for that broader overview of all data, the Progress Board is your best friend. This board lets you see the status of all records at a glance, enhanced through a fully customisable colour palette. 🎨

Then there’s the Calendar View, which lets teams keep track of content on a monthly basis. Whether it’s a new blog post or a feature update, you’ll have full visibility over all content items being delivered today, tomorrow and in the future. There’s also a calendar view for social posts, ensuring that you are consistently sharing all of this wonderful content with your audience.

Growing your Content Plan with Gridfox 🌳

Having a clear and accessible tool for managing content becomes essential as your company grows. Here we’ve shown how Gridfox empowers teams to innovate their content planning by providing a centralised space to manage all of their data.

Using our Content Calendar template, all essential work is centralised in one place, which simplifies working processes and allows teams to focus on achieving their content goals. 

For marketing agencies dealing with a variety of content for different clients, we’ve got a template for that too! Gridfox’s Agency Content Calendar gives agencies and clients a centralised space for managing and viewing projects. 🙌

On top of that, Gridfox also offers a number of templates that allow your marketing teams to carry out an effective strategy, including a campaign and task manager. Check out our templates library for further inspiration!

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