How Gridfox Helps Managers Lead Teams

Jack Gill

16 Feb 2022 · 5 mins read

How Gridfox Helps Managers Lead Teams

The world of management is changing everyday. The modern-day manager must navigate an impressive juggling act between distributed teams, collaborative tools, and skills gaps. 🤹‍♀️

Whether you’re managing a small team or overseeing work across departments, Gridfox is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate all managerial duties. These traits mean that Gridfox is transferable across different industries and levels of leadership. 

No matter if you’re in charge of a marketing team, leading a software development project or simply a SME looking to upgrade from spreadsheets to something more suitable, Gridfox has you covered. 

Faced with new challenges, managers need software that can maintain smooth operations while consistently hitting team goals. Something that has all the required functionality while being flexible enough to account for different leadership styles. Gridfox is here to give a helping hand. 👋

Gridfox is the no-code tool that enables anyone to build powerful platforms and store important data. Using Gridfox, managers are able to effectively manage multiple projects and oversee team efforts in one place.

Let’s look at what makes Gridfox such an effective management tool. 


Visibility is seeing everything project-related that you need in one place, so that you have the tools to take action when required. Visibility of who is doing what task and when and how that connects to the overall project. It’s a quality that we put front-and-centre at Gridfox, enabling teams to keep on track as they can see everything they need. 


Finding the right way to visualise data is the holy grail of managing. Gridfox enables managers to see the data they need in a variety of ways with its multiple views:  

  • Need to see the progress of a marketing plan? Try a Gantt chart for campaign management at a glance. 📈
  • Want to make sure your team is on track for next week’s deadline? Use a Calendar view to trace key team events and progress; day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. 📅
  • Planning to assess the profit and loss from the last quarter? Utilise dashboards for a high-level overview of data in a visually-accessible format. 📋

… And those are just a few of the great views that give managers that all-important visibility over their project data. 


It is important to stay organised when dealing with a lot of information, be it orders, tasks, contacts or any other important data stored in your project. 

Like rows in a spreadsheet, fields provide critical visibility over your data - note what a task entails with a rich text field, link useful resources with the URL field or add a simple check box for ‘at a glance’ visibility of a task’s completion. 

Speed and Efficiency 

Did you know? A penguin retains approximately 15% more energy than the average human by waddling. 🐧

While this is proof that speed and efficiency don’t always go hand-in-hand, it does also emphasise the importance of finding solutions that work best for you. Gridfox accommodates this factor with its customisable user interface, giving users the power to match features to their exact needs — no more, no less. 

Here’s some other qualities that empower managers to waddle with speed. 


34% of employees prefer to work in the cloud. Why? Because it offers accessibility to data regardless of location, time and device. This means that managers can have peace of mind that their team has access to the most current project data with real-time updates. 

Compare this to your average spreadsheet, which is too often replicated and duplicated to the point of confusion! 


When it comes to increasing your team’s productivity, automation is ace! With workflows, managers can get real-time notifications updating them about their project. These nifty notifications alert managers about when a record is created, updated, deleted or scheduled, reducing bottlenecks as tasks pass from conception to completion. 

Additionally, with everyone in the know, managers needn’t fear ‘nagging’ colleagues to get a task done! 🔊


The need to work and collaborate with others at an organisational level is more important than ever. Gridfox makes it easy to work together regardless of your team size or location with cloud-based data storage. But in case you aren’t already sold on that, here’s another two features that champion collaboration!

Users & Permissions: 

Gridfox gives project admin’s great control over users and what permissions they have in relation to their project.

If you’re a manager who is overseeing large projects with multiple users, accessibility is key. Grant or restrict access according to which users need access to project data and ensure that everyone is on the same page as your project develops. 💻

With the users tab at the top of your project, managers can alter whether a user is an admin, can edit or view the project data. 

Configuring these permissions allows effortless visibility and collaboration for teams, without managers having to worry about whether the right information is available. 


Integration may seem a luxury for managers who are just looking to develop simple, low or no-code solutions. 

However, as your business grows, your low- or no-code solution and other systems will inevitably begin sharing data between them. Rather than a patchwork of sub-optimal software solutions, managers should strive for a seamless framework that teams can collaborate through easily. 🧵

Gridfox helps businesses of all sizes manage and optimise their current processes and close existing gaps in their software, so they can rest assured that all their other applications will work in unison. Collaboration threaded through every project, task or activity. 

Lead with Confidence 

Creating charts with spreadsheets might be useful, but they don’t offer a great base for team management; they lack collaboration features, offer a limited view of projects, and only offer limited customisation (everything managers need!)

Here we’ve given a snapshot of the great features that Gridfox offers, from a variety of views to intuitive integrations. Armed with an arsenal of functionality, managers can lead teams with confidence, successfully deliver projects on time and be sure that their teams are ready for whatever challenge comes next. 

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