The Secret Tool for Project Management Success

Jack Gill

28 Sep 2022 · 3 mins read

The Secret Tool for Project Management Success

It’s no secret that the project management industry is suffering a significant skills shortage.  The same goes for the tech industry. Combining these two weak points poses a sizable challenge for project teams.

Consultancy UK estimates that a major project management shortage could cost the global economy £285 billion by 2030, with Europe projected to be one of the regions that will be heavily impacted by the shortage.

Part of the reason that project managers are in such high demand is that they are required across all industry sectors. Construction, Finance and IT are just a few of the key industries which depend on skilled project managers. 

Businesses can feel at a loss when faced with these challenges. This article shows, however, that there are more solutions to a skills shortage than simply waiting for the talent to appear. Training and technology also play a key role in upskilling your existing workforce and getting on the right project management track. 🚉

The Dangers

A lack of project management talent can cause missed deadlines, reduced productivity and potentially lost business. Without the right skills, project teams are at a risk of losing direction in their work or, worse yet, failing to meet requirements.

Research shows that eight out of ten UK professionals now manage projects as part of their role, despite nearly half of those having never received any formal training. This finding demonstrates the value of the project management skill set to the economy. 💵

With the events of recent years, Businesses are more in need of digital skills than ever. Traditional working processes may have been turned upside down but this doesn’t mean that your project teams have to stray off course. 

When it comes to providing training or even hiring new employees, SMEs, in particular, lack the finances to satisfy the demand for digital skills. To remain competitive, businesses are desperately looking for a balance between providing incentives to skilled employees and having enough funding to stay in business.💼

The Solution 

The right software can save the time and resources that would otherwise be required to train someone in full. Although there are no shortcuts to developing transferable skills, there are ways to reduce your training costs.

Gridfox is user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Our extensive library of templates includes ready-built projects for a wide range of industries and use cases, so businesses can get started right away. Project management template? Check. Task management template? Check. Project management tasks template? Something like that. 😎

From a task manager to a sales CRM, a project  planner to a customer success tracker, Gridfox offers a catalogue of great templates to help power up your project management. By reducing the time typically required for workers to be trained, Gridfox lets employees start managing data instantly. 

These employees are often referred to as citizen developers because they are competent at using sophisticated apps without programming experience. Enabling non-technical staff to customise these applications expands your skills pool and makes everyone a part of the project team. 

Upskill with Skill

Against a backdrop of reduced talent, resources and time, Gridfox continues to offer a lifeline to businesses looking to plug their project management skills gap.

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