Removing Account Administrators

    When you sign up to Gridfox, either through an invite link or by signing up directly, you will have an Account created that you are the Account Owner of. You can create Projects in your Account and invite other users to them. Other users can also invite you to Projects within their own Accounts.

    To help you manage your Account, you can invite users to be Account Administrators for your Account. They will be able to:

    • Create new Projects in the Account
    • Rename and Delete Projects in the Account
    • Be able to edit all Projects within the Account
    • Invite new users to Projects within the Account

    Only the Account Owner can add Account Administrators to an Account.

    If you no longer wish for someone to be an Account Administrator for your Account, you can remove their access at any time.

    To remove an Account Admin from your Account, navigate to the Account Management page by clicking the Account Menu in the top right hand corner and selecting Settings.

    Select your Account in the left hand Accounts menu.

    Next to the Account Admin that you would like remove, click Remove User.

    Enter the email address of the user that you would like to add as an Account Admin and click the Add Admin button.

    Click Delete on the modal to confirm the action.

    This will remove the user’s access as an Account Administrator in your Account. Their own Account will be unaffected. They will not be notified of this change.